Where there's a 'Will, there's a way.

When we began planning our wedding, we weren't sure where to start with our theme.  "Steampunk" seemed too dark, somehow.  We love the elements of it, but a bit more on the lighthearted side.  So we went with "Victorian Whimsy."  Seems to be working.

Most of our wedding is handmade, by us or by our dear friends.  We are blessed to be surrounded by such creativity, vision, talent, and love.  Our friends are serving as invitation designer, cake baker, photographer, musicians, decorators, seamstress, officiant, delivery, setup, and cleanup staff.  Our venue coordinator told us "You don't have vendors- you have friendors!"  So true.

We've invested the past few months treasure hunting, creating, and organizing.  Scouring the aisles of Goodwill seems to be a second occupation.  It's all coming together, and we're only a few days away from the big event.  It's hard not to be overwhelmed by it all, but like I keep saying "No one will know what I didn't get done."

And the end result, regardless of cakes, centerpieces, dresses or tuxedos:  we will be married!  Huzzah!